Back-to-school: 5 ways to make life easier (on you and your kids!)

Young Girl bible study

Ah, back-to-school time – an annual ritual that seems to arrive too quickly every year (or too late, depending on who you ask). Here are five tips to ease the transition from carefree summer days to early alarm clocks, hectic Read more

Millennials Are Longing For the Best of Both Worlds

Houses lining a street - Betsy Dittman

It's a myth that the millennial generation is opposed to the suburban lifestyle. They are all relocating from the city centers in favor of larger homes in the suburbs. However, this doesn't mean that they want to completely leave Read more

With Mortgage Rates dropping, is it Time to Refinance Your Home?

House model sitting on blue prints and floor plan

Mortgage rates dropped to their lowest level in three years since the Federal Reserve raised rates in December 2015 to mid-February 2016. This trend does not seem to slow down anytime soon, which is why it might be to time to Read more

What To Fix When You’re Selling Your Home

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Prepping your home for sale needs a fair amount of consideration to find what would generate the biggest return on investment. The amount of work you’ll need depends on the value of your home, the market, and the comps in your Read more

Installing Smart Home Technology May Help Speed Up the Home Sale Process

Smart house app on tablet

A speedy sales process is just as beneficial for the agent as for the seller. Updating your home with smart home technology might be a way to raise the value of your home and expedite the sale. Click HERE to read more about Read more