Blog News July 9, 2014

Dog Houses that Rival Custom Luxury Homes

Anyone who has a furry friend knows that it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars to pamper them and make sure they are comfortable. With all the dog beds and toys to buy, there is no limit to how much pet parents will go for their animals. If you are trying to find the best place for you pooch to rest his head, be ready to spend the big bucks.

Some of today’s pet accommodations are giving some of the finest custom homes a run for their money. The newest luxury dog houses feature carpet, heating, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, and expensive music and entertainment systems. Some of them are also following the eco-friendly trend and include solar panels and planted green roofs.

All of these details come with a hefty price tag. A Victorian Kennel Dog House at Wal-Mart costs up to $4,400 and the Cape Cod Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House sells for $4,600. Those are just the bottom of the line luxury dog houses. The Rockstar Puppy’s custom dog house starts at $6,000 and can reach up to $20,000. The Le Petite Maison builds doghouses that can exceed $25,000. These dog houses may seem like something only the rich and famous buy, and that is just what supermodel Rachel Hunter did. Her $16,000 includes hand-painted walls that are dotted with paw prints and bones, as well as framed pictures of her dogs inside.

There are many different designs that are available, including a Mediterranean dog house that includes a clay tile roof and copper gutters. You can also invest in a ranch style dog house that is made of high-quality lumber and stone siding, and comes with a private doggie pool.

If you are looking for the perfect house in the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Conejo Valley areas to put your luxury dog house in, contact me, Betsy Dittman. As an expert real estate agent, I understand the importance of finding a home that is pet friendly and pet accessible.