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Back-to-school: 5 ways to make life easier (on you and your kids!)

Ah, back-to-school time – an annual ritual that seems to arrive too quickly every year (or too late, depending on who you ask). Here are five tips to ease the transition from carefree summer days to early alarm clocks, hectic mornings and homework. 1. Set up a homework station Designate a place where kids can […]
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Millennials Are Longing For the Best of Both Worlds

It’s a myth that the millennial generation is opposed to the suburban lifestyle. They are all relocating from the city centers in favor of larger homes in the suburbs. However, this doesn’t mean that they want to completely leave the city behind. They want the best of both worlds — an ‘Anti-Suburb Suburb’ Click HERE […]
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With Mortgage Rates dropping, is it Time to Refinance Your Home?

Mortgage rates dropped to their lowest level in three years since the Federal Reserve raised rates in December 2015 to mid-February 2016. This trend does not seem to slow down anytime soon, which is why it might be to time to think about refinancing your home.
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What To Fix When You’re Selling Your Home

Prepping your home for sale needs a fair amount of consideration to find what would generate the biggest return on investment. The amount of work you’ll need depends on the value of your home, the market, and the comps in your neighborhood.
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How Much Is My Home Worth

Installing Smart Home Technology May Help Speed Up the Home Sale Process

A speedy sales process is just as beneficial for the agent as for the seller. Updating your home with smart home technology might be a way to raise the value of your home and expedite the sale. Click HERE to read more about it. Photo courtesy of First Tuesday Journal.
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7 Things Sellers Forget To Mention in House Listings That Buyers Love

In many cases, sellers forget to mention great selling points in their house listings that would be appealing to potential buyers. Click HERE to take a look at these 7 things that buyers find appealing that sellers often leave out.
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Mortgage Rates Could Hit Record Low

Mortgage rates are going down again. Although this is good news for borrowers, it’s not so good news for the housing market and overall economy. Click HERE to read more.
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5 Ways to Show the Love this Valentine’s Day For Real Estate Pros

The act of love doesn’t just extend to our significant other. Inman provides you with 5 tips to go the extra mile this holiday to show your clients and people you interact with you appreciate them. Click HERE to read the article.
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3 Ways The Blockchain Will Change The Real Estate Market

Buying a home is the biggest investment that most people will make in their lives. Still, there have been few technological advances to speed up the process and make it more secure for buyers, lenders and homeowners. This article offers a very interesting view on how untamperable data records from blockchain technology will change the […]
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4 Ways Immediately Impress Potential Buyers

Potential buyers want to walk into a home that seems warm and inviting. With these easy ways, impressing potential buyers will be effortless! Click HERE to learn more.
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Where The Real Estate Market is Flourishing

The stock market turmoil does not seem to interfere with homeowners’ home improvement plans for the upcoming year. This is very promising for service providers. Click HERE to read more.
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Real Estate in The Aftermath of Super Bowl 50

Following the showdown between the Panthers and the Broncos, the attention will quickly turn to the new stadium being built in Inglewood. The new home of the St. Louis Rams has everyone in the financial world wondering how it will affect the local real estate market. Click HERE to read more.
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Los Angeles Has The Fewest Rentals of All Big Cities

The rental vacancy rate for the Los Angeles area is down to 2.7 percent. This is down from 3.8 percent from the beginning of 2015 and 7 percent lower than the national average. Click HERE to read more.
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2015 Was a Major Win For Real Estate. What Will 2016 Bring?

Real estate in 2015 saw some major growth and stood in strong contrast to the decline in total sales in 2014. Click HERE to read more about it.
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Home Staging Tips You Should Know

Home staging affects the sales process in many significant ways; if it’s done right. Check out these essential home staging tips to prepare a home for sale by The New York Times: 1. Reduce clutter Remove anything that’s unnecessary to the space and only keep what adds to the room. Making the home look desirable […]
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2015 Trends in Residential Relocation

Another year has come to an end and what better way to commemorate it than to look back on the trends and milestones that took place. One interesting trend to look back on are the reasons for why Americans decided to pack up and search for a new place to live. Click HERE to read […]
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Green Real Estate

Going green is an increasingly popular lifestyle trend. Not only will green real estate decrease your carbon footprint — you’ll also be the talk of the neighborhood. Click HERE to read about six green homes that offer energy-efficient lifestyles.
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Beautiful Bedroom in Luxury Home

12 Trends That Will Influence Homes in 2016

These 12 trends reflect ways to deal with environmental challenges, the incorporation of new building materials and methods, and changing the looks and functionality of our homes. Click HERE to read about why these trends are important and how they’ll influence real estate choices moving forward!
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Do You Feel Like You’re on a Never-Ending House Hunt?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. The process, in many ways, resembles the search for a significant other. We’re always looking forward to what’s next and therefore forget to appreciate the options that’ve been right under our nose the entire time. Finding the perfect home is no easy task, […]
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Selling Strategies That Just Don’t Work

Stop using these selling strategies if you actually want to sell your Los Angeles, CA home! Theoretically, if you list your home on the market you actually want it to sell. That’s why it baffles me that time and time again, people use these “selling strategies” that have been proven to fail. If you’re serious […]
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Where to See the Best Christmas Lights In Los Angeles, CA

If you’re in Los Angeles, CA, you won’t want to miss these Christmas light displays! ‘Tis the season – for bundling up, grabbing your favorite hot drink, and heading out to gawk at the shimmering lights that mark this time of year. In Los Angeles, we’re fortunate to have a whole host of displays that […]
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The Best Timeline for Real Estate Listing in Los Angeles, CA

Should you put up your real estate listing in Los Angeles, CA now or wait until spring? It’s common knowledge in the real estate world that spring and summer are the hottest times for the market. As the mercury rises, so do the number of people wanting to buy and sell. That doesn’t necessarily mean […]
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DIY Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

Deck your walkways and porch with these outdoor holiday decorating ideas. Now that December is officially underway, there’s no more putting off digging out your holiday décor and decking the halls. What about the exterior of your home, though? It deserves to look as festive as the interior, and I can help! Use these outdoor […]
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Having These Thoughts? It’s Time for Some Home Renovating

Here’s how you know you’re ready for home renovating. Renovating your home is a lot of work. It takes time and money and turns your home—which should be a refuge—into a construction zone. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, though! Sometimes, you just need to do some home renovating. If you’re having any of these thoughts, […]
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Home Buying: The Smart Money Move

Rent costs are rising, so home buying in Los Angeles, CA is the smart financial choice.  People tend to associate home buying with money. They’re right to do so. When you buy a home, you spend more money than you’ve likely spent on any other single purchase. Just because it’s a big buy doesn’t mean […]
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Defy The Drought At LACMA’s Rain Room Exhibit

LACMA’s rain room exhibit is something you won’t want to miss! Whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting, LACMA is a must-hit location. From now until March 6th, there’s one more reason to head to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and, if you love rain, it’s a great one. Four years into […]
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My Picks For The Best Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles, CA

Want to live in the lap of luxury? You can, at these Los Angeles, CA hotels! As a luxury real estate agent in Southern California, I get a lot of lifestyle questions. One of my favorite to answer is, “What’s your favorite hotel?” Here are just a few gems that I think really make the […]
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Mortgage Advice: Should You Refinance?

These are a few good reasons to refinance your mortgage.   Your mortgage is probably one of your biggest monthly expenses, so refinancing is tempting. It could help you save money each month, get a lower interest rate to save over the life of your loan, and free up money for other, more fun pursuits. […]
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High Demand for Los Angeles Luxury Homes

The demand for luxury properties, particularly in the Los Angeles area, is increasing. In the second quarter of 2015, Los Angeles saw an 8.6 percent increase in the number of luxury single- family home sales when compared to last year. In addition, the prices are surpassing the levels reached before the last housing market burst. […]
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How to Beat 4 Mortgage Obstacles

Do not let common roadblocks affect your mortgage. Applying for a home loan requires a tremendous amount of documentation and it can be challenging to keep on top of all the paperwork. You can expect to show everything from full tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, credit reports, debt, income, and assets. With such an […]
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Los Angeles Horrifying Haunted Houses

Get your Halloween haunted house fix! During the Halloween season, Los Angeles is home to some of the best haunted houses. From big-budget theme park productions to homegrown horrors, the city has it all! While Halloween is the time for some good  spooks and scares, check out my list of the best Halloween houses and […]
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Fall In Love With Your Fall Closet With These Organizing Tips

These tips can make organizing your closet for fall and winter a snap! Can you believe that the summer’s already come to an end? Our recent heat wave certainly wouldn’t seem to indicate that the seasons are shifting, but the calendar doesn’t lie. Since you know cooler weather is soon to be heading our way, […]
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Must-Have Smartphone Apps For Living In Los Angeles

These smartphone apps will make your LA life better and easier. The smartphone has made so many things simpler, and now it’s adding to your life in Los Angeles, too! I don’t want you to miss out, so don’t wait to download these apps for your iPhone and Android that can help you make the most out […]
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Could The Market Be Getting Better For Homebuyers?

Some trends point towards a buyer’s market heading our way. There’s no doubt that we’ve been experiencing a seller’s market. As low mortgage rates and skyrocketing rent costs drive more and more Americans to buy homes even as the national housing inventory has stayed relatively tight, sellers have had the opportunity to sell their homes […]
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The Village At Westfield Topanga Will Open This Month!

Shoppers, diners rejoice: The Village at Westfield Topanga is opening in September! For months, locals have watched the construction at The Village at Westfield Topanga near completion. As storefronts were finished and a full list of 25 retailers was released in August, it became clear that we were nearing the official opening of this long-anticipated […]
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Hot Spring Home Sales to Continue into Summer

2015 House Summer Sales Best in Last Decade The ‘spring buying season’ has always been a popular time for homes to fly off the market. It seems that, this year, the summer real estate market will be just as hot! The most recent report released from the National Association of Realtors (NARS), revealed that there are […]
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5 Reasons to Buy a House Right Now

Why You Should Find Your Dream House Today Being ready to buy a home relies on you wanting to buy a home, being financially prepared, and having a good credit score. If you check all of these boxes, here are 5 reasons why now is the best time to buy a house! The prices are […]
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Keep Your House Sparkling with These 3 Tips

Keep Your House Forever Clean There are those houses that, whenever you visit them, unexpectedly or planned well in advance, always look effortlessly tidy and clean. Sometimes it is not just the house owner that spends hours on end cleaning, but they may simply be following these steps: Daily cleaning is easier than monthly- A house […]
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#1 Tip for Home Buyers

Don’t Wait for a Better Deal! With the hot economy, mortgage interest rates, and high home values, buying a home is tougher than it has been in some years. Some homebuyers may be wondering whether to wait for the economy to improve to receive a better deal. Whether you wait to jump into the market, […]
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See 16 Images of Exquisitely Chic Parisian Apartments

Around 1853, Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann got to work on what is arguably the most successful — and most admired — renovation project of all time: a comprehensive overhaul of the streets, parks and buildings of Paris. After all, he is the man who untangled the city’s original medieval footprint, called for a vast annexation of […]
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Luxury Home Design Trends To Get In On

Try Out These Luxury Home Design Trends Trends, well, trend for a reason. Something becomes popular because people like it, get excited about it, and tell their friends (or followers, in this day and age). As popularity spikes, the trend gets more attention. Sometimes trends are fleeting, but others make a lasting impact. Fortunately, my […]
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Los Angeles’ Best Beaches

Where To Head To Play In The (Clean) Sand Some things are timeless. Heading to the beach to soak up the summer is one of those things. We are as likely to want to spend a beach day in 2015 as we were 50 years ago, but the problem is that some beaches have degraded […]
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Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Try This Summer

Must-Hit Restaurants This Summer The summer is in full swing, and on top of the warmer weather and longer days it also brings an energy to get out and do more! If you and your friends are looking to spice up your summer, you might be thinking of dining at some new restaurants. I know […]
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Who Is Excited For DineLA Restaurant Week?

DineLA Restaurant Week Is Just Around The Corner I love eating out in Los Angeles! There are so many great restaurants to try, but I often find myself going back to my old favorites. Fortunately for me and those of you similarly faithful foodies, there is an upcoming event that can get us out of […]
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Smart Home Technologies To Make Your Life Easier

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With These Home Technologies We have seen how technology is making our work lives easier. From email to video conferencing, doing business has become simpler and more direct thanks to the modern age. Technology is making our personal lives easier, too. I am loving the way that smart home technology is transforming […]
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The Best Firework Displays In Los Angeles

Where To Catch Fireworks On The Fourth Of July Sure, the backyard barbecues and poolside parties are fun, but nothing feels quite as American as catching a fireworks display on Independence Day. The good news is that across Los Angeles, there are a number of great opportunities to catch a stunning show in the sky. […]
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Take Advantage Of The Summer At These Farmers’ Markets

Find Local Produce At These Markets With the warming weather comes more opportunities to get out of your standard grocery shopping routine and head to the farmers’ market instead. I love heading the farmers’ market because it gives me the chance to stroll in the summer sunshine and discover some new local favorites to work […]
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Spotlight On: Shingle Style Homes

New England Architecture Marks These Stunning Homes Shingle style architecture has become synonymous with East Coast class. Made popular with the rise of the New England school of architecture in the late 1800s, this architectural style focuses on shapes and flows instead of ornamentation. I am a huge fan of shingle style homes! Here is […]
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Kids Bathroom Design Los Angeles CA

Designing The Kids’ Bathroom

Take The Space To The Next Level When you are thinking about decorating your house, the kids’ bathroom probably does not come immediately to mind. That does not mean, however, that you should resign the room to a ho-hum existence. The kids’ bathroom offers you the chance to play with colors and textures in a […]
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acai bowl

The Best Pre-Beach Places To Eat

These Healthy Eateries Are Perfect On A Beach Day Whether you prefer to pass your beach days in Santa Monica, Malibu, or Venice, there is nothing worse than going out for a greasy lunch only to have to take off your cover-up at the beach right after. Here are a few great pre-beach options right […]
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Brunch with susages, tomatoes, fruit, toast, coffee and orange juice

Can’t Miss Brunch Spots

Have You Hit These Essential LA Restaurants Yet? Is it just me, or is brunch the perfect way to round out a weekend? Restaurants have started pulling out all of the stops for their brunch menus, and have not disappointed. With all of the options for brunch in Los Angeles, it can be a bit […]
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Entryway Design Los Angeles CA

Improving Your Impression

Make Sure Your Home Gives The Right First Impression With Entryway Design First impressions are everything. From first dates to job interviews, you have learned the deep value of making sure how people feel about you upon first meeting is positive. First impressions are equally valuable for houses (hello, curb appeal!). That is why your […]
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Beautiful view of Japanese Garden in Los Angeles park, California

Best Of Botanics: Los Angeles Edition

Find Your Rest At These Local Gardens In the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, you may find yourself craving just a moment of respite. Where do you go to find it, though? Work is busy, home always requires something of you, and your favorite hangouts are always filled with social activity. Is there not […]
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close up of couple with blueprint at home

2015’s Hottest Remodeling Trends

Where To Focus Your Energy When Renovating Your Home If the spring season has you in the mood for a fresh start, remodeling your home will freshen it up and increase your home’s value. Where, exactly, should you turn to make the most of your efforts? Here are the top trends for home remodeling in […]
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cleaning attributes

Smart Tips For Spring Cleaning

Make Your Project Easier As the weather warms, you have the opportunity to throw open your windows and get rid of the dust and grime that has built up over the gloomier winter months. Spring cleaning your whole home can feel like a major undertaking, though. Fortunately, utilizing these tips will make it both easier […]
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terrazzo con arredamento in midollino

Taking Trends Outdoors

Summer Does Not Bring The Only Outdoor Heat In Southern California, we get the luxury of using our outdoor spaces all year round. Consequently, it is no surprise that outdoor living is becoming something of an art. To help you make the most of your outdoor space, here are some trends you may want to […]
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Adding a dash of color—a playful red chair or a joyous yellow accent wall—can kick up any kitchen. Take a look at these cheerful examples from our archive In an exuberant Houston home, color maven Miles Redd punched up a pristine, subway-tile-clad kitchen with cherry-red barstools. In Stephen Dubin and Brenda Ellerin’s Beverly Hills home, […]
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Sushi on a white plate

LA’s Top 3 Sushi Restaurants

The Best Local Places For This Japanese Cuisine One of the best parts of living in or near Los Angeles is our access to some of the finest dining not only in the country, but also in the world. Our plethora of restaurant options is further bolstered by our proximity to the sea, giving us […]
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project of construction and renovation house

Home Renovations: The Best (And Worst) Bang For Your Buck

Use This Guide To Decide Which Renovations Are Best When it comes to remodeling your home, putting money in does not necessarily mean getting money out. Consequently, it is important to discern which home renovation projects will yield a strong return on investment, and which you should skip. To help, here are a few of […]
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Private gym

Creating A Motivating Fitness Room

Your Décor Guide To The Ideal Workout Space Unfortunately, simply adding a fitness room to your home is not necessarily enough to motivate you to exercise each day. Sometimes, you need to add a little more to make it a space you will truly enjoy. This will help you get motivated to get moving regularly. […]
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UBER, SAN FRANCISCO Studio O+A masterminded the slick design of the car-service app Uber’s headquarters in the Mid-Market neighborhood. The materials used are a reflection of the company’s different service tiers, with concrete and raw steel representing its standard UberX offering and copper, oxidized maple, and onyx glass (a nod to tinted limousine windows) embodying […]
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St Patricks Day Pot of Gold, hat and shamrocks over green

The Best Bars To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Where To Head For The Holiday St. Patrick’s Day is one of those great holidays that centers on getting family and friends together to eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. The biggest problem that arises around the holiday, then, is not knowing where to go to grab your pint of Guinness. To help you, […]
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The New LA Restaurants You Should Hit

Restaurant Openings In LA LA offers some of the best food in the country, but to know you are truly getting the most from your meals you have to keep a finger on the pulse of the local restaurant scene. As restaurateurs and hipsters alike flock to Los Angeles to offer delicious plates served in […]
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Smartphone with apps

Three Apps For Your DIY Projects

Use These Apps For Your Next Home Improvement Project If you are working on your home, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Because the improvements have to be conducted in your home, you never get to leave the work behind for longer than a night on the town. Fortunately, as technology has advanced there […]
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Relaxing Garden

The Benefits Of A Design-Build Firm

How One Company Can Meet Your Landscaping Needs After you get into your dream home, it is time to create your dream landscape. You would not want your new property to be left lackluster, so it is important to get a team on board that you can trust to ensure the work you have done […]
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Retro Valentines card with abstract hearts

Valentine’s Day In Los Angeles

Don’t Miss These Restaurant Openings Not that you should ever consume a boring meal, but Valentine’s Day is an especially important date to put emphasis on finding the ideal dining location. To help you find the perfect place to celebrate the day with your special someone, check out these restaurants offering notable Valentine’s Day menus. Blue […]
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In & Out of Paris: Gardens of Secret Delights, a new book from publisher Gibbs Smith, offers a look inside the City of Light’s private retreats. Paris has many famous, beautiful public gardens and even more exquisite private ones tucked behind the walls of its private houses and on the terraces and rooftops of its […]
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portate da ristorante

Los Angeles’ Best New Restaurants

Your Guide To The Must-Try Spots In LA Are you looking for a way to spice up your eating habits in 2015? Then LA Weekly has good news for you, as they recently released their list of the top new places in Los Angeles to enjoy lunch or dinner. Here are their top three picks […]
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Real Estate Services

Why To Buy Before Spring

Maximize Your Savings By Buying Soon Committing to purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions most Americans will ever make, both financially and personally. It is not a decision that should be rushed. If, however, you have already reached the point where you are ready to switch from renter to homeowner, you should […]
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Modern living room

Creating A Clutter-Free Home

Use These Tips To Get Organized In The New Year Are you tired of all the clutter in your home? Does the disorganization make it hard for you to focus? Do yourself a favor and crush the clutter by utilizing your home’s existing space for increased storage. Use these tips to get organized in 2015. […]
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How The Real Estate Market Is Expected to Change in 2016

According to, change is the only thing you can rely on in the real estate industry. It should therefore come as no surprise that we’re in for some changes this year! Here are the changes expected to happen in the real estate industry this year: 1. Already high rents will go even higher Already […]
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interno casa

Get The Most From Your Square Footage

How To Maximize The Space You Have In Your Home If you have been feeling cramped in your home lately, you may feel your appreciation for your home diminishing. It can be challenging to live somewhere you do not feel you can spread out and decompress. Protect yourself against falling out of love with your […]
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moderno soggiorno con porta finestra aperta sul giardino

The Latest In Luxury

  Keep Up To Date On The Latest High-End Real Estate Trends As the New Year approaches, it’s time to look back on 2014 and appraise the transformations in the real estate market. Whether you are designing a home, working on renovations with plans of selling, or just curious about the latest in luxury homes, […]
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Los Angeles’ Must-See Hotels

  For A Week’s Getaway Or A Night Out, These Are The Places To Be in LA Los Angeles is noted worldwide for its luxurious hotels. Conjuring up images of cocktails poolside and socializing at lavish bars, LA offers a multitude of hotels worth seeing. Curbed recently released its list of the essential hotels to visit in […]
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Holiday Hosting Made Easy

  Use This Quick Checklist To Get Your Home Party-Ready Between holiday shopping, baking, and events, hosting a party can be the straw that breaks the busy camel’s back. With a quick and easy cleaning checklist, getting your home ready for guests doesn’t have to require intensive labor. If you get off work at 5:00 p.m. […]
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The Best Christmas Lights In Southern California

Where To Visit For a Merry & Bright Holiday It’s the most wonderful time of the year for strolling through light-strung streets. Grab the family and hit these ten notable light displays in Southern California for holiday memories you’ll treasure for years: Looking for an interactive event to keep your little ones entertained? From 6:00-10:oo p.m., the […]
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What’s Your Favorite Brunch Spot?

There are few better ways to spend a Sunday than enjoying a delicious brunch with all of your friends and family. If you are looking for a new favorite brunch spot this weekend, make sure to check out these local brunch spots! Barbrix in Silverlake not only offers $5 bottomless mimosas, but also has a […]
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Plan the Perfect Holiday Party with These Tips

The holiday season is here, which means it is time to get ready for all of your holiday parties. While you may not get blankets of white snow at your Southern California home, it does not mean that you cannot create a winter wonderland party for your loved ones. Keep these tips in mind to […]
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Home-Buying Checklist to Find the Right Home

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times in your life. It can also be stressful, making sure that you find the perfect home to fit all of your needs. To ensure that you invest in the right home for your family, keep this checklist in mind. Look for flow – look […]
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What’s Happening in the Conejo Valley?

Have you noticed all the changes in the Conejo Valley? Between the new Shoppes at Westlake Village and the construction at the Westlake Plaza, you have the opportunity to try something new every day. If you have driven by the Westlake Plaza, you have probably noticed huge “protected” signs hanging around. These protected trees are […]
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We asked AD100 architects and designers to share their expert strategies for successful renovations—from layout basics to dazzling finishing touches. Read more. LAURA SARTORI RIMINI AND ROBERTO PEREGALLI, STUDIO PEREGALLI Architect/Designers “Whether renovating a space or creating a new one, we first consider its context—where it is located, in what kind of climate. Then we […]
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2015 Color Trends For Your Home

Are you ready to give your home a new look? Adding a fresh coat of paint can take any room from drab to fab! Before settling on a color, listen to this insight from professional designers regarding color trends for the year 2015. Make your space as elegant and relevant as possible. Greek blue is […]
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Top 10 Freeways In the City Of Angels

Freeways in Los Angeles have a huge impact over our daily lives. Daily traffic can make or break your mood. Here is a not-so-scientific rating of the Los Angeles freeways that takes usefulness into account: The 10 is absolutely the best freeway in L.A. It can take you downtown, to the beach, to the desert, […]
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Top 10 Most Exciting Fall Eatery Openings In L.A.

Fall is the ideal time for new restaurant owners to debut the locations they have been perfecting for months. The City of Angels is home to some of the best dining establishments in the country. Here is a list of the most anticipated openings taking place this fall in Los Angeles: Pistola located at West […]
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6 Smart Tips For The Perfect Home Learning Zone

School is back in session, which means it is once again time to monitor your child’s homework each day after school. Getting your child just to sit down is hard enough.  Add in homework, and the process could take up precious time that you need for other important tasks. By creating a learning zone inside […]
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House front

Price It Right The First Time!

The decision to part with your home is a tough one. However, having to lower your price after your home has already been on the market is even tougher! The first two weeks after putting your home up for sale are the most crucial. This is when buyers are the most interested in your property. […]
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New Kitchen

The Color Conundrum: Neutral vs. Bold!

Preparing your home for sale means making minor repairs, and digging out the paint trays! Typically, real estate experts advise that homeowners stay within the safe realm of neutral wall colors. If you choose to go with a vibrant color, you risk turning off potential buyers. However, this can be a controversial idea. Bright colors […]
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Exterior shot of an open Wooden Front Door

5 Selling Mistakes That Will Leave Buyers Feeling Cold

In order to sell your home for full asking price, you must ensure that it is in move-in shape. How do you determine whether or not your home is in move-in condition? We have compiled a list of 5 things that can leave potential buyers feeling cold.  Here are 5  Selling Mistakes to avoid:   […]
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10 Bedroom Must-Haves!

When you cannot afford time away from work for a vacation, your bedroom is your relaxation destination. Incorporate these 10 bedroom must-haves to take your sleeping space from lackluster to luxurious! 1. A COMFORTABLE RUG No need for slippers, here! Especially during the colder months, a comfy rug can be both functional and aesthetic. If […]
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Don’t Miss These Los Angeles Al Fresco Dining Spots This Summer

Al fresco dining is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather in Los Angeles. While there are many places that offer the complete al fresco dining experience, some of the 2014 exciting places in Los Angeles should not be missed. Make sure to keep these delicious restaurants in mind for your next meal […]
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How Much Do Your Really Need for a Down Payment?

Preparing your finances for the down payment on your next home can be the most stressful and cumbersome part of the home buying process. While most home buyers believe that they need to put down at least 15 percent of the total cost of the home this is not always the case. The belief among […]
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Amazing Decks and Patios

Decks and patios are a great way to expand the living area of your home while being able to enjoy the outdoors. The design of the deck or patio is completely up to you, leaving space to add all of the comforts of the indoors, such as a lounge area complete with a TV to […]
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The Most Beautiful Summer Home

With her collector’s eye and passion for beauty, a renowned decorator imbues her summer house with an artful grace. BY MIMI READ ( A Great View Twenty-five years ago, Charlotte Moss walked into an airy spec house with postmodern columns and track lighting. She had been looking for a captivating old East Hampton house and garden […]
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Foreign Buyers are Scooping up U.S. Real Estate

During the past year, more and more overseas buyers have invested in the United States housing market. They accounted for $92 billion worth of home purchases, which is up 35 percent over last year .It is also the most amount ever that foreign buyers have spent in the U.S. real estate market. While people from […]
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The 40-Year Garden: The Making of 1,976 Acres of Versailles

Don’t you wish your garden looked like this? With its 1,250 chimneys, 67 staircases, and 700 rooms, it’s no shock that the Palace of Versailles has become for many aspiring kings a siren, of sorts: so many have tried, and so many have failed, to replicate its size, stature, and extravagant interiors… Read the full article here!
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What Sells a House?

While most people think that the location of a home is what sells, that is not always true. While location is a large factor when it comes to making a decision to buy a home, price is much more important. In fact, price trumps every other factor when it comes to selling a house. The […]
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Dog Houses that Rival Custom Luxury Homes

Anyone who has a furry friend knows that it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars to pamper them and make sure they are comfortable. With all the dog beds and toys to buy, there is no limit to how much pet parents will go for their animals. If you are trying to find the […]
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3 Tips to Avoid Falling Through Escrow

One of the most exciting parts of the home selling process is finally accepting an offer and opening escrow. One of the most devastating parts of the home selling process is if something goes wrong, such as if the buyer backs out, and the escrow falls through. While you cannot control every situation that could […]
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Kids May be the Chief Purchasing Officer of the Family

More and more, children are influencing family purchasing decisions. In fact, more than half of families report that their children are the chief purchasing officers in the family, including when it comes to buying a home. Parents are paying more attention to their kids than ever before, and they are viewing the family purchases through […]
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Our New Website

Thank you for visiting our newly redesigned website! Our team will be creating regular new articles and updates for the blog pages of our new site for you to read and reference in the coming days, but in the meantime we want to encourage you to browse through the rest of the site to review […]
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We’re Going Social

Betsy Dittman has just completed updating all of our social media including, but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter! Now, no matter where you prefer to live online, you can find us with ease. So, don’t forget to like, follow, connect, gather and subscribe today, and let’s get social!
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Betsy Dittman is proud to announce we will be producing a regularly published email-newsletter full of interesting articles picked from our blog articles and delivered free to your email inbox. All you have to do is subscribe, so we can stay in touch with you and keep you informed of the latest news and resources. […]
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