Blog News October 22, 2014

Top 10 Freeways In the City Of Angels

Freeways in Los Angeles have a huge impact over our daily lives. Daily traffic can make or break your mood. Here is a not-so-scientific rating of the Los Angeles freeways that takes usefulness into account:

  1. The 10 is absolutely the best freeway in L.A. It can take you downtown, to the beach, to the desert, and more!
  2. The 5, while it is often covered in traffic, it does indeed get you from the Eastside to Long Beach with no complicated changes.
  3. The 405. This road has added an extra lane near the Getty Museum which makes it a bit less congested.
  4. The 90 is quite short, but can take you all the way to Marina Del Rey.
  5. The 101 can take you through Hollywood without those pesky stoplights, or all the way to Oregon or Downtown LA quite easily. It is a less-confusing drive for those not familiar with the Los Angeles area.
  6. The 118 is always less crowded than the 101. It is also known as the 23 and can get you to Santa Barbara without making you late.
  7. The 710 takes you from Long Beach to the San Gabriel Valley with no stops.
  8. The 170 connects to the 101, and is sometimes referred to as the Hollywood freeway since it connects to the 101 in all directions.
  9. The 134 can take you to the IKEA in Burbank, but sadly does not connect to the 101. This is a bit of a bummer when you are traveling west.
  10. The 210 is mainly known for frequent police chases. This road is only fun for those watching the traffic back up from the TV screen.

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