Blog News December 31, 2014

The Latest In Luxury


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Keep Up To Date On The Latest High-End Real Estate Trends

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to look back on 2014 and appraise the transformations in the real estate market. Whether you are designing a home, working on renovations with plans of selling, or just curious about the latest in luxury homes, agent Betsy Dittman is here to keep you ahead of the curve.

On The Rise: With more listings opening up in metro areas and an increasing emphasis on natural, open light, a few notable trends are on the rise. Listings featuring marble baths increased by a notable 78 percent and roof decks by 63 percent. Who doesn’t love an evening cocktail on the roof followed by a lavish bath before bed? Here are the top five features on the rise according to Trulia:

  1. Marble Baths
  2. Roof Decks
  3. Oversized Windows
  4. Storage Space
  5. Terraces

Dipping Down: Though no feature has been significantly on the out (the lowest any luxury has dropped is by 16 percent), it is still worth looking at the features about which people are caring less. Save yourself the trouble of putting hard work into an improvement that’s going out of style. Trulia reports that the following luxuries trended down in 2014:

  1. BBQs
  2. Hardwoods
  3. Plantation Shutters
  4. Covered Patios
  5. Lush Landscaping

If you’ve put in a down trending feature or missed a luxury that’s increasing in popularity, fear not. With years of industry experience, Betsy Dittman can find the right buyer for your home.

To learn more about the latest Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica and Los Angeles luxury real estate trends, contact Betsy Dittman. I am here to be your liaison in the ever-shifting real estate market, keeping you current to ensure you are always getting the best out of your home. I dedicate myself to offering you the highest level of service so you will know you’re getting what you deserve—the best.