Blog News April 20, 2015

Smart Tips For Spring Cleaning

cleaning attributesMake Your Project Easier

As the weather warms, you have the opportunity to throw open your windows and get rid of the dust and grime that has built up over the gloomier winter months. Spring cleaning your whole home can feel like a major undertaking, though. Fortunately, utilizing these tips will make it both easier and more productive.

  • Put Yourself On The Clock: Sometimes your biggest obstacle to getting your home clean is simply getting started. So it does not feel so daunting, set a timer for 50 minutes. Clean, focusing on one room, for that time. When your timer goes off, use the last 10 minutes to put everything back in its place. If you did that once a weekend for the next month, odds are high you could get your home in great shape!
  • Minimize: You probably have some clutter throughout your house that makes cleaning it more difficult. This is the perfect time to detox your home. If you are not sure what to get rid of, turn to things of which you have multiples. Do you need 33 cookbooks? 15 plain colored button down shirts? 28 body butters? Try to keep no more than a couple of any item in your home.
  • Tag It: To make spring cleaning easier next year, tag items you think you do not use often with today’s date. Then, each time you use a tagged item take the tag off. Get rid of any items that still have tags next time you spring clean.

With all of the effort it takes to maintain a house, you deserve to be in one you love. To find your ideal Los Angeles home, contact Betsy Dittman. I am a local real estate expert and am here to help you find a house you will love so much cleaning will be less of a chore.