Blog News August 11, 2015

#1 Tip for Home Buyers

Don’t Wait for a Better Deal!

With the hot economy, mortgage interest rates, and high home values, buying a home is tougher than it has been in some years. Some homebuyers may be wondering whether to wait for the economy to improve to receive a better deal.

Whether you wait to jump into the market, or go ahead with purchasing a house, there are risks involved. If you don’t buy, the prices of home value, interest rates, and fees could go up even more. You’ll end up paying more in rent and when you decide to buy, homes that you could have afforded are now too expensive for your budget. If you do decide to buy a home, prices could go down which may strain you financially, possibly leaving you with an expensive asset that is hard to sell. On the other hand, if you buy and prices go up, you’ll accumulate instant equity, a savings account of some form, all while receiving considerable tax breaks and other incentives. Your home would increase in value instead of losing value.

Many other costs that may affect the decision to buy a home are commutes, schools, moving, as well as down payments. Factors of lifestyle, safety, comfort, and the community will also influence your decision to move. All of these should be taken into consideration when finding the right house for you.

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