Blog News August 19, 2015

Keep Your House Sparkling with These 3 Tips

Keep Your House Forever Clean

There are those houses that, whenever you visit them, unexpectedly or planned well in advance, always look effortlessly tidy and clean. Sometimes it is not just the house owner that spends hours on end cleaning, but they may simply be following these steps:

  • Daily cleaning is easier than monthly- A house can quickly get unmanageable by taking the lazy way out. Leaving the pile of dishes for later, three days in a row, is going to create a more daunting task of washing it up rather than doing the dishes every night. Leaving all of the household duties for one day will seem overwhelming and too stressful to manage. Cleaning as you go takes up less time overall and feels much more controllable. It’ll also leave you with more time for you to enjoy your home!
  • More stuff means more to clean- The more items and knickknacks you have, the more you have to move and dust. The more furniture you have means you have more to push out of the way and vacuum underneath to complete a thorough cleaning. If you are finding that one room takes too much time to clean, consider if there are any appliances, items, or desks you can live without.
  • Not everything has to be cleaned, all the time- Don’t create unrealistic goals of deep-cleaning the house every week. It is not necessary and will take up too much time. Not every inch of the house has to be scrubbed on a weekly basis, so be sure to limit your time and energy by focusing on a different room of the house every week.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and find that cleaning is a much more manageable task than you had previously thought! Be sure to contact me, Betsy Dittman, for all of your real estate needs. If you know of anyone interested in buying or selling property, please contact me today. I would appreciate the referral.