Blog News September 30, 2015

Fall In Love With Your Fall Closet With These Organizing Tips

These tips can make organizing your closet for fall and winter a snap!

Can you believe that the summer’s already come to an end? Our recent heat wave certainly wouldn’t seem to indicate that the seasons are shifting, but the calendar doesn’t lie.

Since you know cooler weather is soon to be heading our way, this is a great time to start thinking about organizing your closet for fall. Here are a few of my favorite tips to help!

  • Start Storing: There’s no reason to have your shorts and sandals taking up prominent places in your closet anymore. Store the majority of your summer clothes, keeping a few of your favorite pieces out for vacations and the random hot days we have here in Los Angeles.
  • Get Hung Up On Hangers: Switching your closet over to a single hanger style might sound like a lot of work, but trust me, the result is well worth it! Not only will thinner, velvet-covered hangers in a single color give your closet a chic look, they’ll also help your clothes hang better and, believe it or not, create more closet space!
  • Engage Your Eyes: You’re much more likely to wear more of your wardrobe if you can actually see it. Move stored summer clothing to the back of your closet, and move everything you want to wear the fall and winter to the front. Organize your closet so everything is as visible as possible. Hang up shirts with graphics, for example, so you won’t lose them with your plain tees.

Organizing your closet can be a nightmare if you don’t have enough closet space. Are you ready to get into the right  home, with the right closet? Enjoy the luxury of having a great closet—and a great home!—by contacting me, Betsy Dittman, today. I’m here to be your guide to the local real estate market, guiding you towards the perfect home for all of your wants and needs.