Blog News November 23, 2015

Defy The Drought At LACMA’s Rain Room Exhibit

LACMA’s rain room exhibit is something you won’t want to miss!

Whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting, LACMA is a must-hit location. From now until March 6th, there’s one more reason to head to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and, if you love rain, it’s a great one.

Four years into our California drought, rain might feel like a distant memory. It doesn’t have to be! LACMA just debuted a new exhibit aptly named the Rain Room. Here’s how it works.

You walk into a 2,500 square foot gallery. There’s no art on the walls (or the ceiling or floor). Instead, everything is black. You walk up a ramp and begin hearing a comforting sound. Could it be? Yes! It’s the sound of steady, soothing rainfall and you’re about to walk right into it.

Don’t worry – your leather jacket and suede shoes are just fine, thanks to modern technology. The 1,000 square foot Rain Room pours 650 gallons of water from the ceiling to the floor, except where gallery goers are standing. Using a 3D-map, a pixelated grid, and nine outlets, the Rain Room senses where you are and completely cuts off water flow directly above you.

The effect? You get to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a solid rainfall without ever having a drop land on you!

If our ongoing drought has you missing rain, head to LACMA before March 6th to take a toe your way through a torrent without the inconvenience of getting wet yourself. No umbrella needed!

The Rain Room is just the latest of LACMA’s amazing installations. If you’re wanting to live near all of the cultural opportunities that the museums of Los Angeles provide, contact me, Betsy Dittman. I have the luxury real estate experience you need to find your dream home in Los Angeles, the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys.