Blog News December 20, 2015

Do You Feel Like You’re on a Never-Ending House Hunt?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. The process, in many ways, resembles the search for a significant other. We’re always looking forward to what’s next and therefore forget to appreciate the options that’ve been right under our nose the entire time. Finding the perfect home is no easy task, but being too picky during your quest for the home of your dreams can leave you with the short end of the stick; and a great deal of frustration.

According to, there are three questions you should ask yourself that’ll help you determine whether you’re ready to settle or not:

  1. Are my expectations realistic?

Most people spend a good amount of time envisioning what their dream home will look like. The pitfall of this is that you’ll rarely find a house that will completely fit your expectations. It’s therefore extremely important that you’re being realistic.

“There is no such thing as a ‘perfect home,’” says Ryan Fitzgerald, Realtor® and owner of Raleigh Realty in Raleigh, NC.

Come up with a list of amenities that you need to have and ones that you can do without. That way, you’ll open yourself up to a lot more options.

2. How many properties have I viewed?

Holding on to the hope that the perfect house is just around the corner can sometimes distract you from settling. To avoid a never-ending house hunt, you should set yourself a limit to how many viewings you’re willing to go before making your final choice. This, of course, doesn’t include looking at listings online.

If you view too many homes, you might not be 100% sure what exactly it is that you’re looking for. Making a list of pros and cons for each house can be a great way to gain an overall perspective of your search. From here on, compromise is a major key.

3. What am I willing to compromise?

Make sure you never compromise on factors that’ll make you regret your decision. Buyers remorse is never fun, especially when it comes to homes. One of the factors you should never compromise on is location. It doesn’t matter what the house looks like or if it has the perfect view if you have to commute several hours to work every day.

Never hesitate to consult your Realtor if you’re not sure where to compromise.

With that being said, if you reach the conclusion that compromising is impossible even after you’ve reached your viewing limit, it’s OK to keep on searching. The last thing you want is to be pressured into settling for a house.

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