Blog News July 31, 2015

Luxury Home Design Trends To Get In On

Try Out These Luxury Home Design Trends

Trends, well, trend for a reason. Something becomes popular because people like it, get excited about it, and tell their friends (or followers, in this day and age). As popularity spikes, the trend gets more attention. Sometimes trends are fleeting, but others make a lasting impact. Fortunately, my years of real estate experience make it easy for me to see which trends will matter in the long-term. To help you capitalize on the right luxury trends, here are a few design items I want to highlight.

  • Superb Showers: A Jacuzzi tub might seem like a great idea but honestly, who has time for a long soak in the tub? Fortunately, you can give your body the chance to release its tension with a luxury shower that skips all the hassle of a bath. Steam showers are a particular favorite of mine.
  • Poolside Pits: In the warm summer evenings, taking a dip in your pool will feel refreshing and fun. That is, until you have to get out of the water into the crisp night air! If you install a poolside fire pit, you have the perfect place to dry off and snuggle up. As a bonus, the fire pit will get plenty of use in the winter, too!
  • Wine Wind Down: Wine cellars are wonderful, but why not expand yours to get more use of it? By adding a comfortable seating area to your wine cellar, you create a tasting room perfect for hosting small parties or just enjoy a glass in peace.

Do all of these trends sound too good to be true? They are not! Let me show you what luxury living in Los Angeles looks like; contact Betsy Dittman today. I can help you find a home so perfect you will think you are living at a resort!

Blog News March 11, 2015

The Best Bars To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day Pot of Gold, hat and shamrocks over greenWhere To Head For The Holiday

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those great holidays that centers on getting family and friends together to eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. The biggest problem that arises around the holiday, then, is not knowing where to go to grab your pint of Guinness. To help you, here are a couple of suggestions for the best local restaurant options.

  • Tom Bergin’s Tavern: If you want to celebrate a comeback story this St. Patty’s Day, head to this tavern, the longest operating Irish establishment in LA. It closed in 2013 but has had a second chance at making its mark in Los Angeles after being purchased and reopened by a regular customer named Derek Schreck. Once there, you will see why Schreck did not want to let it go: the shamrock theme, wood paneling, famous Irish coffee, and bangers and mash make this a can’t-miss spot on St. Patrick’s Day and throughout the year. 840 S. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles • (323) 936-7151
  • O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant: This Santa Monica staple is decked out so you can perfectly celebrate the holiday. Enjoy their Irish art, spacious patio, and live music while you grab a pint of Irish beer and savor traditional Irish dishes like shepherd’s pie, fish ‘n’ chips, and Guinness pie. If you are looking for a sweet treat this holiday, do not miss their Guinness floats. 2941 Main Street, Santa Monica • (310) 396-4725

Are you working with a real estate expert who will ensure you next home is close to the best places to support your lifestyle? For a guide to the most fun areas of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Conejo Valley, contact Betsy Dittman today. I am here to help you find the best neighborhood to meet your needs.