Blog News August 28, 2015

Hot Spring Home Sales to Continue into Summer

thermometer and sun

2015 House Summer Sales Best in Last Decade

The ‘spring buying season’ has always been a popular time for homes to fly off the market. It seems that, this year, the summer real estate market will be just as hot!

The most recent report released from the National Association of Realtors (NARS), revealed that there are more buyers looking at homes right now than in any other time in the past two years, including the last two spring seasons. The number of potential purchasers has been greater each month of this year, compared to the same month in 2014. These current numbers are expected to stay higher than last years, all the way through fall.

In short, the housing market will remain strong with an increased number of house sales that will continue throughout summer into the fall season. This year, 2015, aims to be one of the best years in the real estate market for over a decade!

This is the perfect opportunity to put your house on the market if you were thinking of selling, with the increased probability of it being bought quickly. If you are searching for your perfect home, now is the time to get looking!

For all of your real estate needs, contact me, Betsy Dittman. I bring years of sales and marketing experience to sell your house quickly and correctly, and find the perfect home for you and your family!

Blog News August 24, 2015

5 Reasons to Buy a House Right Now

Why You Should Find Your Dream House Today

Being ready to buy a home relies on you wanting to buy a home, being financially prepared, and having a good credit score. If you check all of these boxes, here are 5 reasons why now is the best time to buy a house!

  • The prices are good- Although the house prices have continued to grow over the recent years, they have slowed significantly lately. The 10-City Composite gained 5.5% year-over-year, which is down from the 6.7%. This is great news if you were once worried that big price gains would put a home out of reach for you.
  • Rates are low- Interest was once 18% in October 1981. This is almost unimaginable, compared to the today’s average of 5.18% which is, thankfully, much more bearable.
  • Loans are becoming more accessible- Major loan companies are making adjustments to their loan requirements. They are lowering the minimum FICO score for borrowers, which mean that buyers don’t need perfect credit or to put a huge down payment on their ideal house.
  • Holiday shopping- Buyers who are actively looking to purchase a home during the holiday months, namely, October through December, have less competition of other buyers and offers. In addition, the home owner is more likely to sell in time for Christmas, even if that means selling the house below the offer.
  • Buying is often cheaper than renting- Depending on where you are located, prices of rent are considerably more than a mortgage on a house. It is suggested that a 30 year fixed rate of 4.5%, is 38% cheaper than renting nationally. With that said, why not live in your luxury, dream house for cheaper?

If you are committed to buying a home, I, Betsy Dittman will help you find your dream home and streamline the escrow and closing process. With your needs and requirements in line, I will be sure that you find the perfect home! Learn more about my buyer services here!

Blog News August 19, 2015

Keep Your House Sparkling with These 3 Tips

Keep Your House Forever Clean

There are those houses that, whenever you visit them, unexpectedly or planned well in advance, always look effortlessly tidy and clean. Sometimes it is not just the house owner that spends hours on end cleaning, but they may simply be following these steps:

  • Daily cleaning is easier than monthly- A house can quickly get unmanageable by taking the lazy way out. Leaving the pile of dishes for later, three days in a row, is going to create a more daunting task of washing it up rather than doing the dishes every night. Leaving all of the household duties for one day will seem overwhelming and too stressful to manage. Cleaning as you go takes up less time overall and feels much more controllable. It’ll also leave you with more time for you to enjoy your home!
  • More stuff means more to clean- The more items and knickknacks you have, the more you have to move and dust. The more furniture you have means you have more to push out of the way and vacuum underneath to complete a thorough cleaning. If you are finding that one room takes too much time to clean, consider if there are any appliances, items, or desks you can live without.
  • Not everything has to be cleaned, all the time- Don’t create unrealistic goals of deep-cleaning the house every week. It is not necessary and will take up too much time. Not every inch of the house has to be scrubbed on a weekly basis, so be sure to limit your time and energy by focusing on a different room of the house every week.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and find that cleaning is a much more manageable task than you had previously thought! Be sure to contact me, Betsy Dittman, for all of your real estate needs. If you know of anyone interested in buying or selling property, please contact me today. I would appreciate the referral.

Blog News August 11, 2015

#1 Tip for Home Buyers

Don’t Wait for a Better Deal!

With the hot economy, mortgage interest rates, and high home values, buying a home is tougher than it has been in some years. Some homebuyers may be wondering whether to wait for the economy to improve to receive a better deal.

Whether you wait to jump into the market, or go ahead with purchasing a house, there are risks involved. If you don’t buy, the prices of home value, interest rates, and fees could go up even more. You’ll end up paying more in rent and when you decide to buy, homes that you could have afforded are now too expensive for your budget. If you do decide to buy a home, prices could go down which may strain you financially, possibly leaving you with an expensive asset that is hard to sell. On the other hand, if you buy and prices go up, you’ll accumulate instant equity, a savings account of some form, all while receiving considerable tax breaks and other incentives. Your home would increase in value instead of losing value.

Many other costs that may affect the decision to buy a home are commutes, schools, moving, as well as down payments. Factors of lifestyle, safety, comfort, and the community will also influence your decision to move. All of these should be taken into consideration when finding the right house for you.

To find the perfect home for you and your family, contact Betsy Dittman. I am a professional real estate agent, serving the areas of Los Angeles, Conejo Valley, and San Fernando. With my successful buyer services, I will assist you in the whole house buying process.

Blog News July 31, 2015

Luxury Home Design Trends To Get In On

Try Out These Luxury Home Design Trends

Trends, well, trend for a reason. Something becomes popular because people like it, get excited about it, and tell their friends (or followers, in this day and age). As popularity spikes, the trend gets more attention. Sometimes trends are fleeting, but others make a lasting impact. Fortunately, my years of real estate experience make it easy for me to see which trends will matter in the long-term. To help you capitalize on the right luxury trends, here are a few design items I want to highlight.

  • Superb Showers: A Jacuzzi tub might seem like a great idea but honestly, who has time for a long soak in the tub? Fortunately, you can give your body the chance to release its tension with a luxury shower that skips all the hassle of a bath. Steam showers are a particular favorite of mine.
  • Poolside Pits: In the warm summer evenings, taking a dip in your pool will feel refreshing and fun. That is, until you have to get out of the water into the crisp night air! If you install a poolside fire pit, you have the perfect place to dry off and snuggle up. As a bonus, the fire pit will get plenty of use in the winter, too!
  • Wine Wind Down: Wine cellars are wonderful, but why not expand yours to get more use of it? By adding a comfortable seating area to your wine cellar, you create a tasting room perfect for hosting small parties or just enjoy a glass in peace.

Do all of these trends sound too good to be true? They are not! Let me show you what luxury living in Los Angeles looks like; contact Betsy Dittman today. I can help you find a home so perfect you will think you are living at a resort!

Blog News March 27, 2015

Home Renovations: The Best (And Worst) Bang For Your Buck

project of construction and renovation houseUse This Guide To Decide Which Renovations Are Best

When it comes to remodeling your home, putting money in does not necessarily mean getting money out. Consequently, it is important to discern which home renovation projects will yield a strong return on investment, and which you should skip. To help, here are a few of the best ideas and a few to avoid in 2015.

  • Invest: Roof ReplacementThe single best improvement you can undertake is ripping out your existing roof to lay down new shingles and flashing with galvanized drip edges and trim. Costing around $7,500, this project yields the most significant cost-to-value ratio.
  • Avoid: Home Office- If you have been thinking of turning a room in your home into an office, skip it. Buyers will not want to have to tear out all the shelving you put in to switch it back to the bedroom they need.
  • Invest: Garage Door- A stylish garage door can make a huge impact on the aesthetic of your home. Usually costing just $1,150, this improvement can dramatically change the way your home looks.
  • Avoid: Adding Another Story- In 2014, the cost-to-value ratio of putting a second story dropped by a notable 11 percent. Since adding another story is such a big expense, it is not worth the investment.
  • Invest: Vinyl Siding- Although this renovation is a fairly major undertaking and costs between $5,600 and $8,000, it is well worth it because it dramatically revolutionizes the entire look of your home.

Are you thinking of taking on an improvement project to make it easier to sell your Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Conejo Valley home? To have an expert come alongside you and advise you on which are best, contact Betsy Dittman today. I am here to be your guide to the local luxury real estate market.

Blog News March 20, 2015

Creating A Motivating Fitness Room

Private gymYour Décor Guide To The Ideal Workout Space

Unfortunately, simply adding a fitness room to your home is not necessarily enough to motivate you to exercise each day. Sometimes, you need to add a little more to make it a space you will truly enjoy. This will help you get motivated to get moving regularly. To create the perfect space for working out in your home, use these décor guidelines.

  • Go Minimal: One of the worst things that can happen to your workout is distraction. Try to de-clutter your workout area and get organized so that you are not forced to deviate in the middle of an exercise.
  • Make Room: Getting moving requires you to have ample amounts of space. Clear the area you need to be able to get your workout in without worrying about lunging back into your baseboard or bonking your head on a piece of equipment.
  • Choose What You Love: Generally, fitness areas are painted in a neutral palette. Yours, however, does not have to be. If you have a color you are particularly in love with that makes you feel centered and motivated, do not be afraid to paint your space in that hue.
  • Welcome Natural Light: If your office is lit with fluorescent lighting, you will not want to come home and spend more time under harsh lighting. Bring all of the natural light you can into the room, and choose lighting that will be bright but not severe.

Is a home gym a priority for your next house? For guidance to the best California luxury real estate properties with the best fitness spaces, contact Betsy Dittman today. I can help you find your dream home with your dream fitness room in Los Angeles and Conejo Valley.

Blog News February 27, 2015

The New LA Restaurants You Should Hit

MargaritaRestaurant Openings In LA

LA offers some of the best food in the country, but to know you are truly getting the most from your meals you have to keep a finger on the pulse of the local restaurant scene. As restaurateurs and hipsters alike flock to Los Angeles to offer delicious plates served in oh-so-chic scenes, you know that 2015 will bring great new eateries to the area. To get you started on your journey to discovering your new favorite spot, check out these new bars and restaurants.

  • Sweeney’s Ale House: It’s about time the West Valley got its own gastropub, and the team behind Surly Goat is delivering just that. This Encino beer hall offers happy hour seven days a week, so don’t miss its notable menu of craft brews and tasty burgers.
  • SpreadPB: Who doesn’t love being able to customize their meals? À la the frozen yogurt shops that offer endless options for satisfying your unique palate, SpreadPB lets you take the blasé PB&J and spice it up with the trendiest, most delicious options locally available.
  • aestus: If you are looking for a great beachside restaurant without the usual ho-hum beachside menu, this is a can’t-miss spot. The upscale location serves trending produce and healthy protein options like grass-fed beef and grilled octopus.

Looking for a home is so much more than just looking for the house itself. You know that neighborhood is important. To get a guide to California luxury real estate properties who can guide you on the best, most happening areas, contact Betsy Dittman today. Serving the Conejo Valley, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, I am here to ensure your luxury real estate needs are always met. You deserve to find your dream home in your ideal location this year, so call me today.

Blog News January 23, 2015

Creating A Clutter-Free Home

Modern living room

Use These Tips To Get Organized In The New Year

Are you tired of all the clutter in your home? Does the disorganization make it hard for you to focus? Do yourself a favor and crush the clutter by utilizing your home’s existing space for increased storage. Use these tips to get organized in 2015.

  1. Use Your Vertical Space:From your office to your laundry room, utilizing your wall space can be the key to a clutter-free home. Install affordable hanging rods in your laundry room for air-drying space, and put hanging file baskets up in your office to free up extra desk space.
  2. Use Your Ceiling:You may not think to put things that high up, but mounting a hanging pot rack in your kitchen can be the solution to all of your pot and pan storage woes. Finally, a place to put that colander!
  3. Use Your Extra Space:Do you have an odd area at the end of a hallway, landing of a staircase, or under your stairs that you have been unsure what to do with? Add shelving customized to fit the space to give yourself extra storage space throughout your home.
  4. Use Your Existing Shelving:Your bookshelf can be the perfect place to display the extra décor that is making your home feel cluttered. Create beautiful displays on your existing shelves by clustering vases, small pictures, and other small decorative items.

Is it your dream to get into a home that already has the built-ins necessary for keeping your life flawlessly organized? Do not hesitate to contact Betsy Dittman for all of your real estate needs. She will guide you to premium California luxury real estate properties. Serving Los Angeles and Conejo Valley, Betsy is the real estate expert who can get you into your dream home this year. Contact Betsy today.


Blog News December 31, 2014

The Latest In Luxury


moderno soggiorno con porta finestra aperta sul giardino

Keep Up To Date On The Latest High-End Real Estate Trends

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to look back on 2014 and appraise the transformations in the real estate market. Whether you are designing a home, working on renovations with plans of selling, or just curious about the latest in luxury homes, agent Betsy Dittman is here to keep you ahead of the curve.

On The Rise: With more listings opening up in metro areas and an increasing emphasis on natural, open light, a few notable trends are on the rise. Listings featuring marble baths increased by a notable 78 percent and roof decks by 63 percent. Who doesn’t love an evening cocktail on the roof followed by a lavish bath before bed? Here are the top five features on the rise according to Trulia:

  1. Marble Baths
  2. Roof Decks
  3. Oversized Windows
  4. Storage Space
  5. Terraces

Dipping Down: Though no feature has been significantly on the out (the lowest any luxury has dropped is by 16 percent), it is still worth looking at the features about which people are caring less. Save yourself the trouble of putting hard work into an improvement that’s going out of style. Trulia reports that the following luxuries trended down in 2014:

  1. BBQs
  2. Hardwoods
  3. Plantation Shutters
  4. Covered Patios
  5. Lush Landscaping

If you’ve put in a down trending feature or missed a luxury that’s increasing in popularity, fear not. With years of industry experience, Betsy Dittman can find the right buyer for your home.

To learn more about the latest Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica and Los Angeles luxury real estate trends, contact Betsy Dittman. I am here to be your liaison in the ever-shifting real estate market, keeping you current to ensure you are always getting the best out of your home. I dedicate myself to offering you the highest level of service so you will know you’re getting what you deserve—the best.